Kindergarten (Special Needs) development for Children with C.P and Down syndrome

Kindergarten (Pre-School) development for Children with C.P and Down syndrome: donated by the Joseph Levy Foundation in England



Ashkelon and its surrounding region, there are many children suffering with a disability of Down syndrome and injuries in the nerve system. The development and launch of a Children's pre school for Children with C.P and Down syndrome will attain a number of goals:

1. Providing delicate and professional care to each child, utilizing special treatment rooms and equipment purchased for the pre-school needs.

2. The enhancement of treatment possibilities individually for each child.

3. The development of a care YARD including unique enrichment apparatus for the children.

4. The need for the launch of this pre-school aroused from the professional staff and the Institute for child development of the Barzilai Hospital.

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  • Article: Kindergarten (Special Needs) development for Children with C.P and Down syndrome
  • The Ashkelon Foundation raised the necessary means for the children at the C.P Pre School, donated by the Yosef Levy Foundation in England.

    Thanks to their generous donations of these foundations the Pre School has been launched to the benefit of these special children, citizens and the town.

    The children began the activities at this new facility in July 2005, including all the required equipment and furniture.

    The foundations also assisted with raising additional funds in order to complete the acquisition of additional equipment needed, which was not included in the intial development plan, also donated by the Ilan Association and Social Security.

    July 2009- The Strage Family donates a contribution to acquire new and necessary equipment for the children with special needs at the kindergarten. The Ashkelon Foundations thanks Alberta & Henry for years of involvement, support and contributions.

    We also received generous contributions from the SAZ organization and the JCD.