Increase in the Number of Scholarships for Ashkelon’s Students

Increase in the Number of Scholarships for Ashkelon’s Students
Dec 2010, by Lauren Zink volunteer from USA

Keren Ashkelon invests considerable resources in fundraising from donors and foundations in order to provide student scholarships.

This year 500 scholarships will be awarded, in amounts ranging from 1,000 NIS to 7,000 NIS per student, and currently registration for the scholarships has been opened.
The scope of the scholarships has been estimated at two and a half million shekels, which was raised by the Ashkelon Municipality and Keren Ashkelon's joint fund, and from other partners, such as the Eilat Ashkelon Pipeline Company, Rav Bariach, the Allen Elis and Eli Ron Fund, and scholarships from public and private funds that are dealt with by Keren Ashkelon's Center for Higher Education, which is managed by Mr. Nissim Ben David.

The students benefit from their scholarships while giving back to the community through unique projects, which are initiated by Keren Ashkelon.  This year one of the new projects allows students in elementary and high schools to enjoy enhancement classes on the following subjects: law, prevention of violence, environmental quality, science and preparation for their bagrut (matriculation) examinations in practical subjects.

The number of students amongst Ashkelon's youth is on the rise.  This year 3,500 students from Ashkelon are studying all over the country, and of these, about 1,350 students have submitted requests to receive financial assistance in the form of a scholarship and / or an interest free loan.

The Center for Higher Education also assists students in the stages prior to admission, it provides guidance and counseling for discharged soldiers, routine updates in fields of study and terms of admission, advise for choosing suitable fields of study and academic institutes, accompaniment and support during the period of studies, it provides help with problems which concern the students' studies, and it also provides many other services.