Board of Directors & Team Members

Staff & Board Members:

The Ashkelon Foundation consists of town leaders that are operating for the community voluntarily since its foundation. Members of the board, have a business background, in management, logistics and finance and give from their will serious assistance to the ongoing processes and development of the Foundation, fundraising activities operated.

Our staff members give on a day to day basis their support, assistance and service to the community members.


Board of Directors- Members:

Mr. Eli Dayan- Chairman of the Board of Directors

  • Mr. Amir Dayan- CPA- Heads Finance Committee
  • Mr. Benny Henner
  • Mr. Amos David
  • Mr. Elimelech Mamo

Legal Counselor; Yaakov Biton, Adv

Auditor; Yaniv Golan, CPA

Accounting Firm; Maurice Cohen & Assoc. (CPA)



Office Coordinator: Mrs. Soniya Tzaban

Financial Manager: Mrs. Bruria Schwartz

Operating Manager & Overseas Relations; Mrs. Liat Hirsch-Mashraki

Consultant: Marketing & Donor Relations: Mr. Seth Davis


Friends of Ashkelon Foundation: