Article: Kindergarten (Special Needs) development for Children with C.P and Down syndrome

Article: Kindergarten (Special Needs) development for Children with C.P and Down syndrome
Written by: Lauren Zink, a volunteer in Israel, Nov 17th 2010

In Ashkelon and the surrounding region there are many children suffering with a disability of Down syndrome and injuries in the nerve system.  To help aid these children is a pre-school for those with Cerebral Palsy and Down syndrome.

There are three classrooms in the pre-school, each one focusing on a different brain development.  One classroom, Brosh, is for mentally challenged children who have less than severe brain damage.  There are six children in this classroom, all around the age of four. 

Down the hall is another classroom, Omareem.  This is a place for children who are severely mentally challenged and with other severe disabilities.  Some cannot even walk or lay down and are developed only as far as a 3-month old baby, although they are actually quite a few years older than that.  In this room are seven children.

In the third classroom, Sheebolet, there are six children who are physically disabled and have Cerebral Paulsy. 

To each classroom speech therapists, occupational therapy, sport therapy, hydrotherapy, physiotherapy, and a psychologist are consistently involved.  Three times a week there are music, animal, and theatre classes. 

While this place has a good basis of program equipment resources to help these children, much more is needed.  Special equipment to help the children develop can be very expensive, ranging from 14,000 – 15,000 NIS per apparatus.  This is crucial in helping a child grow.  Simple things such as a television and DVD player will also go a long way in helping to improve the everyday lives of these children.