Article- Beit-Zipora Learning and Enrichment Center for Immigrant Children

Beit-Zipora - Learning and Enrichment Center for Immigrant Children in Cooperation with The Elie Wiesel Foundation
By: Lauren Zink, 27.11.2010

Imagine coming from a poor family who is not able to provide you with a beneficial environment to grow up in. Now imagine being given the chance to go to a place after school where you can get help with your schoolwork, hang out with friends, eat good food, and learn and participant in things you would never have had the chance to otherwise. Beit-Zipora is exactly this place for 400 Ethiopian and Russian children.

Beit-Zipora opened in 1994 and has since become both a safe haven and a place to enrich minds for thousands of young kids.

There are two different schools here, one for those in first to third grade, and another for those in fourth through sixth grade. These are children who have already proved themselves in school as smart and hard-workers. Due to the cultural differences they struggle in school some, and come to Beit-Zipora to be brought up to the same level, or even higher, than the grade they are in.

They learn in small groups, and sometimes even receive individual attention from their teachers. In Beit-Zipora classrooms they focus on learning math, English, computers, and Hebrew grammar. They also receive help with their homework and a lending hand towards preparation for tests.

Every school day from 2:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m. the children come to Beit-Zipora to both enrich their minds and have fun. Recently some of them have been given a very special opportunity to play tennis or play instruments at a music conservatory once a week.

Even with all of these incredible opportunities these special children could be provided with a lot more to get the most out of Beit-Zipora experience.

Most of these children have never even been to Jerusalem, even though they live less than a few hours away. With your help they could go on trips throughout the country they live in.

All of the children who go to Beit-Zipora were specially chosen, some were even recommended by their schools principal. The more opportunities they are given the more they can provide to help improve Israel and the world around them, and maybe most importantly, themselves.