Article: Ashkelon Foundation Overview

Article : Ashkelon Foundation Overview
Written by: Lauren Zink, a volunteer in Israel, Nov 17th 2010

The Ashqelon Foundation works to meet Ashkelon’s ever increasing needs in the realm of community, culture, society, education, and welfare.  The organization does this through a variety of projects and programs.  Their desire to keep growing and helping never ends, and currently they have begun a realm of new opportunities for those in need of their help.

The Center for Excellence and the Neve Dekalim Community Center, were recently built.  The Center for Excellence picks students from all over Ashqelon to help them succeed in the arts and sciences fields by having created a place where they can learn and increase their knowledge and talents.  Without a big donation from the United States this would never have happened.

With help from those living in England and France a building has been renovated and turned into a community center for Ashqelon families and municipalities.

The Ashqelon Foundation is also currently working on building an Ethiopian Heritage Center and with the Israeli Scouts in helping them create, build, and expand.  They also working with Yad Lebameem, creating memorial places for soldiers from the Israeli Defense Forces in war for younger Israelis to go there and learn about soldiers lives and help connect them to their future.

These are just a few of many projects that the Ashqelon Foundation are involved in.  We hope you too can be a part of an organization that is ever-increasingly helping towards growing and developing of the land of Israel.